RNR Training & Coaching Ltd

What our clients say about our training services

"We've been extremely pleased with your Management Development Programme. After going through this, we saw numerous changes and improvements in our managers, and the business continues to reap the benefits of this."
Director, Outsourcing Services to the Financial Industry

"I was filled with dread at the thought of giving a presentation. I honestly feel I can fly as a result of this training. My confidence is soaring."
Manager, Local authority

"Many, many thanks for your input................you have helped to make my job a little easier."
Principal Service Manager, Direct Care Services

"Just had some feedback about the course - really fantastic, one of the best courses she had attended & you are a great role model for trainers."
Training Manager, a Council for Voluntary Services

"We really enjoyed your facilitation of our team day. It was quite enlightening, encouraging and informative. We have taken away aspirations along with thoughts and plans. We have already booked a date to focus on the various issues raised and the whole team are enthusiastic and looking forward to working on them."
Team Manager, Hospital Discharge Team

"With your help I now believe I have the skills to become an effective manager. Thank you so much."
Manager, Outsourcing Services Company

What our clients say about our coaching services

"I'm really benefiting, because instead of doing the same old thing, going around in circles, I'm getting clarity into what I need to do and then doing it."
Director, Gymnasium Chain

"Your coaching has helped me focus on issues such as use of time, setting priorities and avoiding my avoidance strategies, with the result that I am getting a lot more done, having increased my effectiveness and generally having a greater feeling of well-being."
Head of Department, London Borough

"I really enjoyed working with your coach and found it very useful to do so. Telephone coaching works very well and is extremely powerful in addition to being very convenient."
Garage Owner

"My self-confidence is much increased, I have learned to say "No" to people and am comfortable with it. I have addressed a number of problems areas, and as a result, both work and my private life have improved greatly."
Self-Employed Accountant

"From working with you, I have a more positive attitude towards situations and feel much more in control. My thinking is clearer and more orderly, and I appreciate myself a lot more."
Senior Partner, Solicitors

"There isn't a week that goes by that I'm not progressing and developing."
Middle Manager, London Borough

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